April 2020 Trending Topics: COVID-19 Edition
Chase Koeneke | Associate Creative Director

As the world COVID-19 pandemic shifts life as we know it, so should your marketing strategy for the rest of April to transition with any unprecedented crisis. Be on the lookout for a few of these topics during the second half of April:





April 12th (date changes yearly)


Easter is a religious holiday to symbolize the resurrection of Jesus and many Christians attend a place of worship at sunrise to rejoice. As many cities continue the stay-at-home order, it will affect large gatherings, some Sunday church services, and outside Easter egg hunts. 

Being mindful of current events, any holiday-centric marketing efforts will need to be adjusted. Toeing the line between respectfully marketing a religious holiday during a pandemic and getting your brand in on the conversation can be difficult. Take a look at a few of our tips below:

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Be Aware Of Religious Services

Although countless numbers of churches are closed, be mindful of families attending any web-based mass events. More than ever, people are emphasizing the importance of their loved ones and seeking spiritual guidance. With the convenience of live-streaming through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and other social platforms, even small churches are joining the movement. Since most sermons end in the early afternoon (between 12 pm-2 pm), your online engagement may spike right after or later in the evening. Try putting out messaging that is respectable to your consumers, but still true to your brand.

Host an Online Scavenger Hunt

Who said all Easter egg hunts have to involve an egg and take place outdoors? Mix things up and integrate a virtual scavenger hunt into any of your social media pages. For instance, adding a secret word on an Instagram post or in your Twitter feed, and asking followers to begin searching. If you’d like, you can publish hints to pump up the engagement. This game will help to improve your profile visits, as more people are intrigued to find clues, and win the grand prize. 



Earth Day 


April 22nd 


Twenty million Americans so far have joined together and protested in cities across the nation for a needed change to protect our planet. On April 22, 1970, Earth Day was brought into fruition by a harmonized group effort to acknowledge environmental issues like — deforestation, oil spills, water, and air pollution, which disrupts wildlife habitats and endangers the mortality of the future generations.

It’s the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day and this year’s 2020 theme is “Climate Action” to demonstrate any ecological hardships we’re facing and open opportunities for action. Hundreds of organized cleanups were postponed to adhere by local and federal health advisories, and have improvised with their digital tactics. The global conversation can be tracked on social platforms with the hashtag #EarthDay2020

Let’s look at how brands can celebrate Earth Day and bring people together…without actually bringing people together.

[ TIPS ] 

Internet Activism

Amid the COVID-19 global pandemic and social distancing, thousands of cities will still continue their efforts virtually.  The new age of online activism involves a younger demographic of teens who’re tackling serious issues with a touch of humor. Aside from dance trends, lip-synching videos, and challenges, TikTok is becoming a hub for environmental advocacy with their #climatechange hashtag. Consider joining their community and film a 15-60 second video related to Earth Day’s “Climate Action” 2020 theme. 

Organize An Online Teach-In

Host an online teach-in with a series of lectures and discussions to cover the subject of climate change. As well as answer any public questions to prove your value and sincerity. It serves as a safe place to learn about the environment around us and how we contribute to its sustainability. Use this virtual event to dish out any brand data or success that’s relevant to climate change, especially if your mission is switching to raw materials, renewable energy, or any other eco-investment. 



  • While social media consumption is up, ad spend is drastically down. Look for ways to maximize your ad spend by redirecting towards e-commerce segments of your brand
  • User-generated content is on the rise. Consider implementing a brand challenge asking for audience submissions and interaction. 
  • Articles having a content focus related to COVID-19 have shown a spike in engagement rates. While it doesn’t need to be the main focus of your brand’s content, always find a way to make it relevant to the current climate.
  • People are already getting burned out on traditional social platforms. Consider looking into more niche platforms that are market-specific for your clients and work on cornering that market.


With time spent online and social media usage reaching all-time highs, it’s more important than ever to stay ahead of the trends and keep your content relevant. Visit our blog in the upcoming weeks for new updates and advice on trending topics, holidays, and events.

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