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A little reminder for 2023. Se fue le 2022, un año complejo en lo personal pero muy satisfactorio en lo profesional. Creo que las secuelas del COVID siguen siendo largas y siguen incomodando. En lo personal pasaron cosas que me hicieron más fuerte y que hicieron que me replanteara el...
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From the New York Times, I’m Michael Barbaro, Presented by GE
As I began my pursuit for another sub-10 minute completion of the New York Times crossword puzzle (in pen) today, I couldn’t help but wonder: wow, does General Electric have 3 Focused Visions for the Future? Then I went to read about the Georgia runoff election today and thought “What...
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Giving Thanks in 2022
One of the laziest aspects of modern culture is the ease with which we find ourselves focusing on the negative aspects of life. We simply slide right into whatever might be wrong at any given moment without a thought of how many good things are around us. It’s rather lazy,...
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CITYPARK Opening a Milestone for St. Louis
The City of St. Louis deserves this moment.  Tonight, after much anticipation, professional soccer returns to St. Louis when St Louis CITY2 opens CITYPARK with an inaugural match against Bundesliga-side Bayer 04 Leverkusen. Promise there is no typo there.  Not since the days of Slobo has soccer captured the attention...
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Changing the Locks: How Companies Consistently Damage Their Most Valuable Brand Assets
Last week, Meta announced layoffs of more than 11,000 people or 13 percent of its workforce “I want to take accountability for these decisions and for how we got here,” Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, wrote in a letter to employees. “I know this is tough for everyone, and I’m especially...
Stretching Boundaries blog
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