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Could More Good News and Less 4Ds Save Media?
I am a news consumer. I love the news. Perhaps it’s due to my work or perhaps is related to my parents watching Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather every night growing up. Or, maybe it goes back to my love for the “Great Space Coaster” and Gary Gnu. Who knows?...
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Twitter Blue & Meta Verified Open New Strategies for Brands
Subscription-based social media platforms are likely to become the new normal Suddenly, it seems like everyone on the internet wants you to sign up for their paid monthly subscription. Streaming platforms YouTube and Spotify charge per month for ad-free viewing and listening. Snapchat+ racked up 2 million subscribers paying $4/month...
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Super Bowl LVII: A Need for Branded Storytelling
With the immense popularity of storytelling (cue literally every OTT platform), one would think that advertisers would stay true to the art of a captivating narrative, but Super Bowl LVII fell short.  The sole exception is The Farmer’s Dog, in which we see the life of a dog owner from...
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Elasticity’s Pearlman-Perlut Previews Super Bowl 948.3
Super Bowl Sunday–when as many tune in for the commercials as they do the big game–has become huge business for brands willing to pay $7 million for a :30 television ad. Fox-2 in St. Louis invited our Aaron Pearlman-Perlut in to talk about some of the highly anticipated spots....
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Ready for 2023?
Here some tips.
A little reminder for 2023. Se fue le 2022, un año complejo en lo personal pero muy satisfactorio en lo profesional. Creo que las secuelas del COVID siguen siendo largas y siguen incomodando. En lo personal pasaron cosas que me hicieron más fuerte y que hicieron que me replanteara el...
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