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Screw My Dad: Give a Warm Welcome to Reinvention
I am 53-years-old. Seven years ago, I started playing guitar. I had no idea what would come of it. I only knew I had always wanted to play rock’n’roll. Today, I am a songwriter, lead a band, play shows in front of crowds and have three albums. In September 2019,...
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One Player and the Mission: What Draymond Green Can Teach Us About Business
With America’s appetite for basketball at the front our collective consciousnesses thanks to the NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments, it’s an apropos time to examine Draymond Green—a very good professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors and his relationship to today’s business landscape. Green is what’s called a...
Stretching Boundaries blog
Male, Pale, Educated, Politically-Engaged News Junkies: Welcome to Twitter 2024
Every time I open the artist formerly known as Twitter—or “X”, as owner Elon Musk foolishly rebranded it—I ask myself why I’m still using the platform. Does it have value for me? Should I close my account? What the hell is going on at the Horse ebooks account?  After all,...
Stretching Boundaries blog
Women Celebrating Women
I grew up in a family of women – a single mom and her six daughters – in a small, two-bedroom apartment in Hawaii. My mom, Wendy, balanced two jobs just to pay rent and put food on the table, all while caring for all six of us with strength...
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Katie Britt’s Speech: A Masterclass in Communications Disasters
Ask any one of the last three Democrats running for one of Florida’s Senate seats and they’ll tell you the same thing—it’s never good when people say Marco Rubio was better than you.  But that was the least of Rep. Katie Britt’s (R-Alabama) problems last night as she began trending...
Stretching Boundaries blog
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