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Media Buying In An Election Year: A Q&A with Miranda Ochsner
Media buying is a puzzle: Where and when do you run your ads to make the most impact for your target audience, all while getting the best price? Getting that media mix just right can feel a lot like solving the New York Times’ crossword.  And in an election year,...
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2024 Super Bowl Ads: Winners & Losers
Another Super Bowl is in the books. Congrats to Patrick Mahomes, Taylor Swift, Usher’s bare chest and everyone in St. Louis who used to be Rams fans yet then switched allegiance to the Chiefs once Stan Kroenke rode his Rams out of town (by the way—my last name? Koeneke, no...
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The Imperative of Saying “No”
Over the past quarter century, deaths resulting from opioids have skyrocketed, increasing five-fold according to the not-for-profit USAFacts (former client). An average of 130 people die each day due to opioids, and this costs the US economy an estimated $78 billion a year.  Those responsible have begun to pay a...
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SI Isn’t Dead: A Lesson in Narrative Shaping
The news of last week’s mass layoffs of Sports Illustrated writers cut to the heart of sports fans and those being affected by more layoffs in the media space. I’ve looked back at more SI covers over the last week than I believe I had growing up on doctor’s offices’...
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Spending Stan’s Money
Ever since the legal ruling was handed down, there’s been a tremendous amount of conversation in metro-St. Louis about what the region should do with the money it was awarded from the National Football League and now-Los Angeles Rams. The question has been vexing me so I addressed it this...
Stretching Boundaries blog
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