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Joey Chestnut BANNED: How To Make A Meal Out Of A PR Controversy

If you haven’t heard the news, let me help you ketchup. Last week, Joey Chestnut, 16-time Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog-Eating Contest...

Authentically Inauthentic: No Me Gusta Toyota Tacoma Truck Ad

You may have seen it during the Super Bowl while endlessly waiting for a decent commercial to air. It was a milquetoast Toyota ad that...

The Wasted Potential of the St. Louis Cardinals City Connect Uniforms

The Cardinals needed a win. The team has been plagued by mediocrity for the last couple of seasons. Big name players like Paul Goldschmidt and...

Finding Your Telecom Niche: How Fixed Wireless Access is Changing the Game

It’s scary out there in telecom. Traditional cable services are in decline and big carriers threaten to completely squeeze out all other competition. But the...

Screw My Dad: Give a Warm Welcome to Reinvention

I am 53-years-old. Seven years ago, I started playing guitar. I had no idea what would come of it. I only knew I had always...

One Player and the Mission: What Draymond Green Can Teach Us About Business

With America’s appetite for basketball at the front our collective consciousnesses thanks to the NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments, it’s an apropos time to...

Male, Pale, Educated, Politically-Engaged News Junkies: Welcome to Twitter 2024

Every time I open the artist formerly known as Twitter—or “X”, as owner Elon Musk foolishly rebranded it—I ask myself why I’m still using the...

Women Celebrating Women

I grew up in a family of women – a single mom and her six daughters – in a small, two-bedroom apartment in Hawaii. My...

Katie Britt’s Speech: A Masterclass in Communications Disasters

Ask any one of the last three Democrats running for one of Florida’s Senate seats and they’ll tell you the same thing—it’s never good when...

Media Buying In An Election Year: A Q&A with Miranda Ochsner

Media buying is a puzzle: Where and when do you run your ads to make the most impact for your target audience, all while getting...

2024 Super Bowl Ads: Winners & Losers

Another Super Bowl is in the books. Congrats to Patrick Mahomes, Taylor Swift, Usher’s bare chest and everyone in St. Louis who used to be...

The Imperative of Saying “No”

Over the past quarter century, deaths resulting from opioids have skyrocketed, increasing five-fold according to the not-for-profit USAFacts (former client). An average of 130 people...

SI Isn’t Dead: A Lesson in Narrative Shaping

The news of last week’s mass layoffs of Sports Illustrated writers cut to the heart of sports fans and those being affected by more layoffs...

Spending Stan’s Money

Ever since the legal ruling was handed down, there’s been a tremendous amount of conversation in metro-St. Louis about what the region should do with...

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