What We Do.

Fusing smart data with fearless creative and precise audience engagement.

Brand Strategy

Your brand is beyond a snazzy slogan or logo. You have a story to tell. Our job is to discover it and tell it.


“Cool” ideas no longer cut it. We’re here to create something cool and customized for your brand, budget, and audience. What a cool idea.

Media Buying

Advertising is a pay-to-play game. But before you spend six figures in Facebook ads, come talk to a savvy Elastic media specialist.

Social Media

Every agency has “social media” in its toolbox. Few use it correctly. The rules of social media change daily, but we’ve consistently kicked ass for more than a decade.

Data + analytics

We’re not number crunchers — we’re a new pair of eyes for your brand. We turn your data into a story so you can focus on the fun stuff.


If you thought multicultural marketing meant translating ads into Spanish, think again. Connecting with new audiences requires deft cultural understanding and a nuanced voice. That’s where we come in.

Web+App Development

From microsites to apps to full-blown website overhauls, we’ll unlock your engagement potential with a customized solution.


What’s the best way to find customers? Let them find you. Search isn’t sexy, but the results can be.

Influencer+Public Relations

Between our team of savvy storytellers and an extensive rolodex of relationships, Elasticity is equipped to spread your message to the right audience at the right time.

Community Engagement

Nobody ever said controlling the conversation was easy, but the right insights and a drumbeat of killer content will save you a lot of trouble.