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Weeding Through the Customer Experience Gap

A recent article in Campaign by Lindsay Stein focuses on the customer experience gap. She cites SAP Chief Marketing Officer Alicia Tillman who says, “…we live in an experience economy […]

Elasticity is Hiring a Social Media Strategist

Have you finally moved on from showing your social media prowess in terms of your follower numbers? Perhaps you’ve figured out how to speak about social media in terms of […]

Saved by Death

The marketing industry was recently saved by death. Liquid Death, that is.  Wait, what? Let me explain. In recent years, political correctness and self-righteous hipster wokeness has terrified brands and agencies […]

Crisis Management: Another Shoe Drops For Facebook

In April of 2018, after the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica scandal broke, I wrote in AdWeek that “When individual privacy is at stake, something has to give, and something certainly […]

Elasticity Is Hiring: Senior Client Relationship Manager

Elasticity is seeking a detail-oriented public relations professional with strong client relationship management experience and a passion for excellence. The ideal candidate for the role of Senior Client Relationship Manager — which […]

Larry’s Baer’s Giant Blunder

On Friday, March 1, San Francisco Giants president and chief executive officer Larry Baer was seen on video courtesy of TMZ having an argument, and then a physical altercation, with […]

A Decade of Gratitude

Ten years ago, three of us took a calculated gamble and founded Elasticity. It was terrifying and exciting at the same time, but we had a vision comprised of three […]

Fixing Major League Baseball’s Mike Trout Problem

Various lists of the the world’s most marketable athletes include names such as soccer player Gareth Bale (who?), cricket player Virat Kohli (get me an autographed playing card, STAT!), tennis […]

What Tylenol Can Teach Us About Facebook

Tylenol has long-been one of the ubiquitous, great America brands, but in 1982, the pain reliever’s future was in question. For those too young to remember, by October of that year […]

Marketing ROI: Not So Black And White

When we open our wallets to pay for goods or services, there is an expectation of receiving something of value in return.  It’s of course no different in marketing communications, […]

Technology, Politics and Journalism

Just after his inauguration Jan. 20, 1981, President Ronald Reagan announced the release of U.S. hostages from Iran. Americans learned of the news as the three major television broadcast networks, […]

Ego vs. Outcome

Scottish philosopher Thomas Carlyle once said, “egotism is the source and summary of all faults and miseries.” Indeed, from time-to-time we are all guilty of letting one of the three constructs […]

Eight Things I Think I Think

Each year I take stock in what I’ve experienced at Elasticity. Last January on our seventh anniversary, I reflected on it in “Seven Years, Seven Lessons.”  In 2017, I offer “Eight Things […]

HUGE 2017 Predictions: The Future of Sandwich Board Marketing

It’s prediction season — when savvy, progressive marketers are making their mark with savvy, progressive prediction blog posts about savvy, progressive marketing. But while those slack-jawed yesteryear aficionados are focused […]

Recollections, Thanks On Veteran’s Day 2016

It’s Veteran’s Day 2016 and our social media feeds are respectfully filled with American flags and other symbolic gestures by Americans whose rights have been defended by our brave military veterans […]

Six Tips For Executing A Successful ‘Brand Hack’

The word hack has various, sometimes negative connotations: chopping something down, a horse for ordinary riding, a writer with little imagination or a dry cough. We recently read headlines about Russian hackers stealing […]

Ken Starr Out of His League in Interview Disaster

*this post was initially published by Elasticity partner Aaron Perlut on AdWeek’s PRNewser.  The sexual misconduct scandal at Baylor University has been an absolute reputation nightmare on countless levels.  I’ve […]

No Room For Aged News In Journalism Today

My favorite report ever on “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” was a story by Jason Jones about the New York Times in which he asks executive editor Bill Keller about the […]

The Lids of Elasticity

We’re a relatively casual outfit. If we have client meetings, that’s one story, but it does not require a suit and tie to effectively manage a reputation management program, orchestrate […]

15 Tips for Media Preparedness

I began my career in television which lent itself to the near-decade I would later spend as a media spokesperson for several very large energy companies. During that period, depending on the day […]

Seven Years, Seven Lessons

Seven years ago this week, along with colleagues Dan Callahan and Brian Cross, I gambled on my family’s livelihood and left a stable position at FleishmanHillard to pursue an idea: The formation […]

Cruz, Clinton Demonstrate The Importance of Staying On Message

Message is the foundation of nearly all communications efforts. It’s an important lesson for aspiring reputation managers and, for that matter, for marketing communicators overall. For any strategic communications endeavor worth its salt, message should […]

In Media Relations, Don’t Be A Centurion

I’ve long believed there are two types of media relations practitioners: hunters and centurions. I am unquestionably a hunter, for better or worse, and having worked both in the agency world and […]

Elasticity Seeks Digital Content & Design Manager

Are you a digitally savvy communicator with presentation design skills up your sleeve? Maybe you’re kinda hip — like Lionel Richie has been in about seven different decades — in that you’ll […]

Honest Brands Win

I’ve often found it rather remarkable that more public figures, brands and corporations don’t understand the simple reality that, as a friend recently said to me, “It’s amazing what happens […]

Disruption: The New Innovation

Question: Why has Donald Trump, at least until this point, done so well in Republican Party polling? Answer: It’s because he’s disrupted the landscape, whether it be by gliding down an escalator with […]

Five Tiny PR Tips For Product Launching

I’ve been at this for more than 20 years. I’m old, broken, don’t smell particularly fragrant and am getting to the over the hill stage in life. I’ve been there, done that. […]

Keepin’ It Real in Organizational Culture

I was recently honored to participate on a panel at the UMSL Digital Conference. The topic revolved around the future of marketing and was moderated by Rick Spiekermann of Nestle-Purina. Rick has a good […]

Harnessing The Crowd In Building Brand Reputation

On March 17, 2015, I presented in Uppsala, Sweden, at the RelationsDagen 2015 Conference on the topic of how brands, regions and tourist destinations can harness the crowd, as well […]

Enjoying the Ride And Preparing For What’s Next

Please forgive me as you’ve probably heard me rant about something like this  before. We have this creed at Elasticity called “People Principles.” I speak and write about it perhaps […]

Media Out of Line in Just IN Flap

*this story by Elasticity partner Aaron Perlut was originally published on SocialMediaToday.com where he is a contributor. ____________ On Monday night the Indianapolis Star’s Tom LoBianco broke the news that Indiana Governor Mike Pence would […]

Sony’s Lost Reputational Opportunity

Whether you are a casual news observer or a rabid consumer, you’ve heard some degree of buzz about Sony Pictures Entertainment’s heavily promoted new film, “The Interview,” which depicts a […]

Elasticity Acquires Development Firm Digital Mothership

On the heels of being named one of the fastest growing companies in St. Louis, digital marketing and public relations firm Elasticity today announced it has acquired Digital Mothership, an industry-leading provider of […]

The Risk vs. Reward Of Being True to Yourself

For anyone who knows me personally, it’s fairly well understood that I’m not for everybody, which is something it took me quite a long time to make peace with. Like […]

10 steps to rebrand your city as a startup hub

Much like a hipster with a good mustache, referring to your city as a haven for startups is rather “in” right now.  Startup hubs are currently popping up in the older Rustbelt […]

A Holiday Memo On Tasty Cultures

Not only is it the holiday season, but Elasticity is about to celebrate a special anniversary on January 1, as we turn five-years-old. It’s exciting, heartening, and I’m thinking about […]

Does Crowdsourcing Help Your Brand?

I am a passionate advocate of crowdsourcing, which for the uninitiated is a brand or organization taking and using content or suggestions from the crowd that constitutes its audience. One […]

Elasticity Named Agency of Record for CafePress

St. Louis-based digital marketing and public relations firm Elasticity — that’s us, stupid — has been named the agency of record for CafePress, which in 1999 created the customizable retail e-commerce […]

We’re Lookin: Creative Client Leader

Take me to your leader! Elasticity is seeking a talented, highly disciplined, and creative Client Leader.  Our agency focuses on creating smart, strategic, and sometimes shocking campaigns for a list […]


It seems that every communicator today wants to call themselves a social media expert. And that’s super. It’s important. Hell, Elasticity was digitally savvy before digitally savvy was savvy or […]

The Durable Laurence Tureaud Brand Turns 61

Along with our own Sheila Mikles, today the actor Laurence Tureaud, best known as Mr. T and one of the more enduring brands of the past quarter century, turns 61. Throughout […]

Self-Publishing Era Creates Quandary for Brands

Many were stunned last week when the Boston police announced via Twitter that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was in custody, and earlier this month the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) raised eyebrows […]

The Sky Continues to Fall in State of Media

Beginning in about 2007, I essentially began screaming to anyone who would listen — all three of you — that the sky was falling. It was a pretty simple formula, […]

Finding Satisfaction in the Fuzzy Middle

For those of us who own, manage or simply work at an agency, we understand that there are wins, losses, and sometimes a fuzzy middle where we’re not even sure […]

Peter Panda Takes a Walk in St. Louis

Elasticity’s director of social media strategy and wildlife relations, Tagawa “Peter” Panda, who also invented the phrase “social media,” recently took the first stroll from his downtown St. Louis office […]

Client Work at Cedar Creek Turns Delicious, Dangerous

Elasticity recently began working with the soon-to-be renamed Cedar Creek Conference Center in beautiful New Haven, Missouri. Lying amongst rural rolling hills on the edge of the state’s wine country, […]

Hitler Reacts to Digital Marketing

Props to the good folks at Digiday for their refurbishing of the “Hitler Reacts to…” Internet meme with this very funny take on “Hitler Reacts to Ad Tech.”

Obama Engages Through Jimmy Fallon And Wins

Last week in Forbes I wrote about how commonly leaders — from CEOs to politicians — are counseled to disengage, simply ignore their detractors, and oftentimes not even address the […]

Films “Shift” to Crowdfunding For Revenue

Some say my tastes in film are highly questionable in that I celebrate the entire catalogues of Chuck Norris and Charles Bronson. That’s probably why I was intrigued when my […]

Keeping Small Business Marketing Simple

I’m a relatively simple mammal and often confounded by the needless complexity that we can unnecessarily force feed into our lives. I don’t need a GPS, 38 pairs of shoes, […]

Crowdsourcing 101

We’ve been spending a lot of time looking at, and talking to people about, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding as part of an initiative we are working on here at Elasticity. It’s […]

Trust Me: I’m a Social Media Expert

The very funny website SocialMediaDouchebag (SMDB) begins by asking us, “Do you want to learn how to use Web 2.0 Social Media to become a millionaire overnight? How would you […]

Three Years Ago

Three years ago this week, Brian Cross, Dan Callahan and I founded Elasticity. A St. Louis Business Journal photo of us after launching Elasticity We had all been at Fleishman-Hillard, […]

Working the Small Business Marketing Channel

Back in February, my “Two On Two” partner Jason Falls and I were debating the value of using Groupon, especially for small businesses which often don’t have much room for […]

St. Louis Doesn’t Suck

Last week, as part of my regular column for Forbes, I wrote a piece called “St. Louis Doesn’t Suck” that struck a nerve with a number of current and former […]

The Most & Least Marketable Athletes in America

*this post was originally published on Forbes.com The amount of money involved in college and professional sports is rather mind boggling. St. Louis Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols has been unwilling […]

A Chat With PRSA Chief Rosanna Fiske

*this post was originally posted on Forbes.com My “Two On Two” partner Jason Falls is incredibly lazy, so instead of debating issues with him, this week I chatted with Rosanna […]

Rashard Mendenhall: Shut Yo Mouth!

*this blog entry was originally posted on Forbes.com Two years ago I was talking to an executive of an NFL franchise. Twitter was just blowing up and I counseled him […]

A Lesson From the Downfall of Anthony Weiner

As I originally wrote for Forbes, there was a moment during the recent implosion of Congressman Anthony Weiner — which just became official last week — that should have sent […]

Two On Two: MySpace & the End of Online Anonymity

Welcome to the Big Show. In our last installment of Forbes “Two On Two,” Jason and I discussed the brand marketing fallout from recent doping accusations made against cyclist Lance […]

G.E.: Why Not Reverse the Parody?

Despite being a staunch advocate and practitioner of using parody, I also realize it can be a double-edged sword. If you are the driver of the parody, it can be […]

Exciting Times for VCU Alums

I’m a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond, and, living in St. Louis, it’s not often that I get to talk about, nor demonstrate, spirit for my alma […]

Two On Two: Groupon and Social Media Mistakes

In our first episode of “Two On Two” on Forbes.com, Jason Falls and I discussed whether Google has peaked and who’s winning the war for the social media landscape — […]

Forbes Feature: Two on Two

As the 3.57 readers of the Elasticity blog know, I write for the Forbes Marketshare blog on the interconnection of public relations, social media, and marketing. I recently started a […]

Super Bowl Saturday?

For years I’ve been beating the drum about the wisdom of moving the Super Bowl to Saturday, because whether it’s from a marketing, economic, or purely social perspective — it […]

Plant Science Hub Serving Global Mission

It’s not well known outside of St. Louis, and that’s a discussion for another day, but there is a facility based in St. Louis called the Donald Danforth Plant Science […]

A Look At Gillette’s Summer Job Campaign

Now that summer is behind us I thought I’d repurpose a post I recently wrote for Forbes.com about Gillette’s Summer Job campaign. ——— If you’re a male and have ever […]

Elasticity spins off of Osborn & Barr

St. Louis (Sept. 9) – St. Louis-based Elasticity, the innovative social media, public relations, and digital word-of-mouth agency, has spun off from parent company Osborn & Barr (O&B), the two […]