Aaron Andersen
| Digital Ad Operations Specialist

As a Digital Ad Operations specialist, Aaron’s job is to harmonize Elasticity’s clients’ goals, desires, and media plan with the ever-changing media landscape. Through the use of data and conversations, he lives to discover new insights and perspectives that bring positive change and challenge possibilities.

Aaron learned the fundamentals of advertising and media planning from his time at the University of Missouri-Columbia where he graduated with a bachelor of journalism in strategic communication. Fresh out of college, he helped U.S. Bank launch into programmatic display to drive online mortgage and refinance applications. Since then, he’s worked as a licensed mortgage loan officer and videographer for his father’s sports highlight video company, STL Sports Productions. In time, all roads lead back to advertising, where he’s eager to re-engage with the challenges and opportunities Elasticity provides.

When not in the office, you can find Aaron hanging out with his family & friends, singing Ne-Yo ballads when he thinks no one is listening, and working on his fantasy book series.

Chase Koeneke
Chase is the resident writer at Elasticity, playing with language and polishing messages to a mirror sheen. A graduate of the University of Missouri’s journalism program, he’s well-versed in everything from AP style to social media marketing, always looking at ways to use fewer words to forge deeper connections with consumers and businesses. But putting pen to paper (or fingers to keys, as the case may be) isn’t the whole story. His skill set also includes concepting, strategy, editing and even the occasional directing of video when called upon, and he’s worked with clients as varied as Brown-Forman, the St. Louis Blues and Bass Pro Shops.
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