Elasticity Has A Brand New Brand
Benji Vega | SVP, Brand

Since 2009, Elasticity has been stretching boundaries by building and partnering with elastic brands and organizations that understand the critical importance they plan in today’s diverse cultural and economic landscape across social movements, technology and trends.

Our original mustache-clad robot logomark featuring “Rowdy The Robot” was developed to symbolize the interests of our founding partners. However, Elasticity itself is not immune to change. We must ourselves continue to stretch and adapt as the business and cultural landscape around us shifts and evolves. This philosophy rings true to why we named ourselves Elasticity – to symbolize the need for flexibility in an ever-changing world.

The continued evolution of marketing, impacts of COVID on business, “the great resignation,” the expansion of conscious consumerism, and rapid changes in how and why we work led us to evolve our own brand to better-represent how we continue to stretch our own boundaries. This is represented in our new Brand Promise: Stretching boundaries for the better, which is a representation of the effect we aim to achieve for challenger brands the world-over. We’re solidifying this evolution with the introduction of an ambitious new brand identity, along with a bold color palette, anchored a brand mark that embodies what it means to be elastic.

Spring EThat new brand mark – dubbed “Spring-E” – is an elastic, spring shaped form that reads as the letter “E” when paired in the Elasticity logotype. But like the work we do for our clients, Spring-E can take many forms. We consider it a living brand mark that can be texturized, and can morph into whatever you can dream of while maintaining its iconic spring shape. This ever evolving brand mark also represents the personality of our team, who come from vastly diverse walks of life, skill sets, and interests. Collectively, more than employees – we’re friends, musicians, artists, foodies, families, athletes, explorers, and more.

Elasticity. Stretching boundaries for the better.

Benji Vega
Benji Vega is a recognized brand marketing innovator with a penchant for connecting insight-based brand strategy to results-driven creativity across all media. With 25 years of experience, Benji has an extensive track record counseling global brands including McDonald's, The Home Depot, Nissan, and Budweiser, as well as startup and challenger brands.
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