Leveraging the New Facebook Feed 
Jennifer Inglis | VP, Social Media

Have you logged onto Facebook in the last 24 hours? If so, you may have noticed a change. 

Yesterday, Meta announced a new “Feeds” tab for Facebook that will allow users to find the most recent posts from their friends, Favorites, Pages and groups. A “Favorites” list will let users compile the friends and Pages they care most about and will filter their content in this new tab. 

The primary tab users see when they open the app is now called “Home”. Facebook designed “Home” to be a discovery engine that allows users to find and follow new content through recommendations. 

This might feel like a small tweak to Facebook’s user interface but it actually has a significant impact on the way people find and engage with content. For brands, there are two big opportunities hidden within Facebook’s newly designed feed.

Aim to Become a Favorite

Getting your audience to see your content on Facebook just got a lot easier. When your followers mark your page as a “favorite” anything you share will now be marked as priority content in their “Feeds” tab. But there’s a catch, you have to give your followers a reason to mark you as a “favorite.” 

As a brand, the key to getting selected as a “favorite” is sharing value-driven content. 

Information. Tips. Updates. Entertainment. Carve out a niche for your brand and be consistent. Providing your audience with unique content that delivers value will drive loyalty, increase engagement and ultimately get you marked as a “Favorite” resulting in greater reach.  

Get Discovered

The new “Home” feed is all about discoverability. Much like TikTok’s “For You Page”, Facebook’s API will now aim to collate content that it thinks a user will like with the goal of getting people to stay on the platform longer. Now, your content won’t just be seen by your current followers but by anyone Facebook thinks might be interested in your message. 

To get featured on the “Home” feed it’s essential to share content that speaks to a wide audience. 

Instead of crafting a message that speaks to an audience that already knows you, cast a wide net. By sharing evergreen content that reintroduces your brand values and mission your message will appeal to new audiences. 

Embrace short-form video. Prioritize Reels. Create an ongoing series around tips or information related to your industry. Embrace humor and show the people behind your brand. Be authentic and tell a story. Thanks to the “Home” feed you now have the potential to reach new audiences in ways that haven’t been possible before.

The Biggest Takeaway

The real key to success on Facebook is having a strong strategy. A foundation of content verticals that resonate with your audience is the first step. By focusing on value-driven content you’ll give your followers a reason to mark you as a “Favorite”. Sharing evergreen material will increase your chance of being discovered on someone’s “Home” feed. 

As a brand, if you have a strong strategy in place, Facebook’s new feed design offers a way to connect more with current followers and reach new audiences. This shift ultimately makes Facebook a more useful tool for brands than ever before. 

Jennifer Inglis
With over ten years experience in digital marketing, Jennifer joined Elasticity in late 2021. Originally from California, she grew up living throughout the Middle East in countries including Saudi Arabia, Oman and Egypt. Jennifer studied politics and received her Masters degree from the London School of Economics. She launched a blog in 2009 and went on to become one of the first influencers in the UK, partnering with brands including American Express, eBay, London Fashion Week and Gap.
When Jennifer moved to St Louis in 2014 she worked as a consultant for small businesses in the region, helping them launch and maintain their social media accounts. She has since worked at Caleres and Rodgers Townsend/DDB where she led social strategy for a range of D2C and B2B brands. Jennifer is passionate about the power of social media to reach audiences in meaningful ways. When she isn’t at her desk thinking about hashtags and changes to the algorithm, you’ll find her sipping lattes at the newest coffee shop in town with her miniature Labradoodle in tow.
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