Living Autumn in Social Media
Aaron Perlut | Partner

Ah, sweet autumn. There is much to love about this time of the year. But what’s particularly charming about it is that the fall weather is at its peak. 

The moderate, breezy temperature and change of colors is just so pleasant and invigorating to me, and I know I’m not the only person that feels this way. It’s a short season, so you have to live it up while you can. Marketers understand this and we’re always trying our hardest to get in touch with the season. 

If you’re looking for ways to make your content smell like pumpkin spice and cozy sweaters, we can’t help with that. But we can offer up a few ways to take advantage of the season’s highlights!

Fancy Foliage

Taking advantage of that beautiful scenery is always a great option! Try to find a way to get your audience immersed in nature—you can’t beat the classic fall picnic pic. In the past, we have worked with clients such as Fireball Whisky and Boy Scouts of America and been able to use imagery of camping, crunchy leaves, and liquid fire to our advantage. More recently, our friends at the Missouri Department of Conservation have kept a close eye on when and where the state experiences the most beautiful fall colors. They have filmed and photographed stunning fall foliage all over the state and it has proven to be an especially useful resource for fall content this season. You can take a look here! 

Foodie Frenzy

If you’re a foodie like myself, then it’s very likely that just the mention of fall gets your mouth watering. In October, we celebrate both National Italian-American Heritage Month as well as National Pizza Month. Consider building campaigns that focus on groups who may not normally get extra attention such as those of Italian descent or those made of pizza. Pizzas are people too, and it’s about time they had the spotlight! The fall food theme can continue well into this month in preparation for Thanksgiving. Instead of jumping straight into Christmas music and madness, there is a growing movement to give Thanksgiving its due attention. Mariah Carey and Michale Buble can wait. Show some harvest love.

Friendly Forewarning

But even with the abundant harvest of opportunity autumn offers, responsibility must remain at the forefront. And that includes knowing what to avoid. When it’s an election year, even once the race is “over,” you won’t hear the last of it. Have a conversation and make sure to be very clear on where your client stands on discussing politics and election issues. In such a volatile time, social responsibility is more important than ever.

This also extends to the topic of Black Friday. Due to COVID, the stores won’t be packed with savings-hungry crowds the way they usually are during this time of the year. Many will be hunting for Black Friday deals via the Internet, and still others will only be shopping for essential goods. Be mindful in your campaigns knowing that in the current climate, even the most consumerist content must be appropriately adjusted. 

That same awareness is very important when preparing for future seasons as well. Don’t limit seasonal marketing strictly to the holiday or season that suits your brand the most. There are plenty of opportunities to embrace and share the spirit of the given time period with your followers. 

Hopefully, we’ve demonstrated how many ways there are to engage with your audience throughout such a short, but glorious season. Has it given you any new ideas for your own campaigns, or made you rethink about how you want to reach your audience? What is your main objective when it comes to seasonal marketing?

Aaron Perlut
Aaron Perlut is a cofounding partner of Elasticity with some 30 years of diverse experience in journalism, public relations and digital marketing. He is a former senior reputation management counselor at Omnicom-company FleishmanHillard, as well as a communications executive for two of the nation's largest energy companies. Throughout his career, Perlut has counseled a range of organizations---Fortune 500s, state governments, professional sports franchises, economic development authorities, well-funded startups and large non-profits---helping manage reputation and market brands across diverse channels in an evolving media environment.
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