8 Years of Ashton Beck
Nick Walden | SVP, Area Creative Director

Last week, I celebrated the seven-year tenure of Elasticity co-people Emily Ann Brown, and this week, I’m thrilled beyond a high-quality Metallica riff to honor eight years of co-peopleness with Ashton Beck, Elasticity’s director of social media.

In honor of his tenure, I offer my eight favorite memories with Ashton:

  1. The time Aaron Perlut cut the sleeves out of a polo shirt and made Ashton take a picture for his maiden Tank Top Tuesday. His face revealed Ashton’s internal struggle as to whether this was a good career choice or not.
  2. The night Zach Kasperski mentioned where former Elastician Ryan Stiles almost got us in a bar fight at Hair of the Dog.  Stiles was our resident kite flying enthusiast. If you wanted to learn how to fly a kite high into the sky, this was the guy to talk to. And that night of the company holiday party, Ryan wanted to venture as high as the highest kite he ever flew. He made a non-voluntary decision to consume approximately 1.3L of Fireball Whisky,  which led him to talk smack to a stranger at Hair of the Dog during the holiday party after-party. Of course, Ryan flew too high. Thankfully, sir Ashton — the customer service master and expert negotiator — was able to calm Ryan back to planet Earth by giving him a ride to his humble abode.
  3. The car ride to Chicago when Ashton and Denny Blackwell were giggling in the back seat like children while taking pictures with the laser-engraved photo where it looks like I have a cold sore.
  4. The look on Ashton’s face at the dinner with Fireball Whisky’s event agency when a dude did a shot of cinnamon whisky with a raw oyster in it.
  5. The holiday party where Brian Cross sprayed the entire crowd with club soda and somehow Ashton was the only one that noticed.
  6. After we pitched Brinks, Ashton made Brian Cross buy us too many tequila shots…. (at least, that’s how I remember it.)
  7. After the tequila shots — when our flight was delayed some three hours and we didn’t land until like 1am — so we ate and drank more at the Dallas airport.
  8. The time Ashton walked into the closed elevator doors in Chicago and Denny Blackwell wouldn’t stop laughing about it for hours.

We’re all lucky to have Ashton on our team. Here’s hoping for many, many more years!

Congrats, Ashton!

Nick Walden

Nick is SVP, Area Creative Director at Elasticity. He spends his time designing everything from brand identities and brochures to website and infographics. Along with his everyday design duties, Nick also assists in copywriting.

Before migrating to the agency life, Nick worked for a variety of small to mid-sized companies, designing for national brands like Harley-Davidson, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, and Chicken of the Sea. He graduated in 2006 from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in advertising and a minor in Studio Art.

Nick has had the pleasure of wearing many “hats” over the course of his career, including running a printing press and working as a “brand chef” at various events.

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8 Years of Ashton Beck
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