EA's Seven Amazing Years
Nick Walden | SVP, Area Creative Director

I am what you would call a veteran at Elasticity — nearly nine years now and in 2022 I will celebrate one decade of Elasticianship.

This week, one of my dear colleagues — Emily Ann Brown — celebrated seven amazing years here and I took the occasion to celebrate some other notable sevens:

  • Every week has seven days of which Emily Ann (EA) works hard for approximately 11 of them.
  • There are seven continents. EA is currently building a media strategy to eradicate syphilis in all of them.
  • On planet Earth, there are seven seas. EA only subscribes to the Three Cs: Communicate. Collaborate. Cuss.
  • The rainbow has seven colors. Emily Ann once called Indigo “lazy.”
  • It is believed that each person has six more lookalikes. That comes to a total of seven. The lookalikes can be anywhere in the world. All of Emily Ann’s live in South Bend, Indiana.
  • In our solar system, there are seven physical planets that have influence over humanity.
  • Scientists found out many years ago that changes in human beings biologically occur in seven years. Related: It does not specify if those changes include finally loving “seasons, snow or cold weather.”
  • The number seven symbolizes eternal life in Egypt — which is the same amount of time it feels like EA has been with Elasticity.
  • It took seven virgins to light the Olympic flame. Now, I’m not touching this one, but EA has successfully forced like four of our clients to buy airtime during the Olympic games this year, so it’s kind of related.

Happy Work-A-Versary EA!

Nick Walden

Nick is SVP, Area Creative Director at Elasticity. He spends his time designing everything from brand identities and brochures to website and infographics. Along with his everyday design duties, Nick also assists in copywriting.

Before migrating to the agency life, Nick worked for a variety of small to mid-sized companies, designing for national brands like Harley-Davidson, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, and Chicken of the Sea. He graduated in 2006 from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in advertising and a minor in Studio Art.

Nick has had the pleasure of wearing many “hats” over the course of his career, including running a printing press and working as a “brand chef” at various events.

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