Staying Current: The Top 5 Digital Marketing Podcasts
Megan Ryder | Social Media Care Representative

If this past week, month or even year has felt like an extended version of Ground Hogs Day — with every day being Monday —  you’re not alone. We know it’s hard to find time to stay current on what’s hot and what’s not in the digital marketing world.

Enter, well, us. We’ve totally got your back. Just take a quick glimpse through our top 5 podcasts to find what you need to stay in the know with everything digital marketing:

  1. The Tim Ferriss Show: is a self-experimenter and not to mention, a bestselling author of the “The 4-Hour Work Week” who loves his wine and who discusses the ins and outs of marketing digitally. His ability to seamlessly interweave profane humor into a very relevant experience through an intellectual lens is astounding. (iOS/Android/Other)
  2. ADLANDIA: is a bi-weekly podcast focused on the advertising/marketing industry. “This podcast is dedicated to the renegades, the rule-breakers and the industry-makers,” says Spotify. (iOS/Android/Other)
  3. The Science of Social Media: your weekly insights and inspiration for social media through a scientific lens. They share some of the most cutting-edge social media marketing strategies from a quantitative perspective. (iOS/Android/Other)
  4. Marketing over Coffee: grab your headphones, favorite morning beverage and dig in. Each episode provides you with nuggets of gold to kick start your day. (iOS/Android/Other)
  5. Marketing School: (hosted by Eric Siu and Neil Patel) Coming from two industry powerhouses, Marketing School brings you 10 minutes of actionable marketing advice every day. There’s something to meander over for the whole day. It’s brief, yet brilliant. (iOS/Android/Other)

Now that you have week’s worth of podcasts to listen to, you’re on the way (there are no more excuses for not being in the know). Remember to check back soon to see what new podcasts make the ranks.

Megan Ryder
Megan is a social media customer care representative who uses her passion for helping people to solve problems daily for her customers. She is also an avid lover of long walks on the treadmill, anything that is associated with Will Ferrell, and The Voice. Megan is also obsessed with her cat, King Pants, who is a very handsome, bow tie-wearing orange tabby lover muffin. To conclude, yes, she is a crazy cat lady.
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