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Elasticity: Multicultural Marketing

The estimated $1.7 trillion Hispanic consumer market opportunity in the U.S. is very real and, for many brands, essential. Sophisticated and digital to its core, reaching today’s Hispanic consumer requires an integrated approach, deft cultural understanding, and a nuanced voice that builds authentic and lasting relationships.

Enter Elasticity Multicultural, led by award-winning multicultural marketing thought leader Alejandro “Alex” Duplan, who — over two decades — has led multicultural marketing initiatives for brands such as MetroPCS, Kraft Foods, Pepsi, Levi’s, Pizza Hut, HBO, Hershey’s, Avocados from Mexico, Jose Cuervo, Nissan, Hyundai Motor Company, Carta Blanca, Indio, Bud Light, Budweiser Chelada, Duracell, Procter & Gamble, Gatorade, Mattel, Dr Pepper, Clamato, Mission Foods and countless others.

Elasticity Multicultural helps a broad range of brands and organizations decode and reach today’s Hispanic consumer — identifying, connecting and engaging with a booming market opportunity.

The Market

Today’s Hispanic marketplace is not insignificant. As of 2014, more than 55 million Americans identify as Hispanic — that’s nearly 20 percent of the overall U.S. population and more than double the 1990 U.S. Census numbers. In 2015, the buying power of the Hispanic market reached more than $1.5 trillion — or twice the purchase power in 2010. And by 2050, three out of 10 Americans will identify as Hispanic, and more than half of the population will consider themselves to be multicultural.


Think it’s enough to simply translate content from English to Spanish? Think again.

Although accurately translating content is important, decoding involves so much more. Begin with the reality that each Hispanic nationality — Mexican, Cuban, Dominican, Honduran, Argentinian, Peruvian and more — are often very different. Rather than broad-brushing various Hispanic nationalities together with sweeping generalizations as many outsiders tend to do organizations must grasp customs and cultural differences, because these nuances impact consumer traits, social connectivity and locality. At Elasticity Multicultural, we know that translating content is about much more than simply changing the language used. Rather, it’s about making sure that those messages — what’s said, how it’s said, where it’s said — all translate well (and authentically) to meet the standards of the intended audience.

That’s where we come in.


In nearly any culture, connecting with consumers on their turf and in their tone can be everything, and Hispanic consumers are no exception. Hispanic Americans today are more digitally inclined than non-Hispanics, with some 77 percent owning smartphones and 54 percent owning tablets. And the market is hyper-connected in social media, with more than 80 percent of those who identify as Hispanic being classed as active social media users. We understand these unique nuances — how they might vary from nationality to nationality — and can leverage them to help you connect and create special relationships with your consumers.

Want to learn more about opportunities within the Hispanic market and how to reach this growing audience? Email Alex Duplan at Alex@GoElastic.com, or try the rest of the team at Hello@GoElastic.com.