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Public Relations

We Are Information Brokers

The longer we’re in this business, the more we realize how many people really don’t get what public relations require, especially in today’s dynamic and fast-changing media environment. We’ve seen too many agencies unleash underpaid junior staffers on reporters, smiling and typing with the clumsy communication skills of Snooki after a long night at the bar. That’s part of the reason we formed Elasticity: Clients deserve better.

What It Takes

Persistence, thick skin, objectivity, impeccable communication skills and a self-deprecating sense of humor are just a few qualities needed to handle relationships with the public. And, quite frankly, an extensive Rolodex—which we employ—still matters.

Relationships Matter

Would you listen more intently to an insurance pitch from a longtime friend or from a cold-caller? Exactly. You need an agent you trust carrying your story on your behalf. And based on past performance, we tend to be seen as one of those agents.

Ideas Matter More

Your pitch is about an idea or concept. We can help you make that pitch and shape it into its most rational, sellable form.

Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid

Reporters aren’t inclined to believe an approach that says your company or brand is the greatest thing since self-adhesive envelopes. Understand the reality of who and what you are.

You’re Not Always the Story

Yes, sometimes companies and brands make big news. But more often than not, it’s more important to understand how your company or brand fits into the broader context of the present-day news hole or a reporter’s specific needs.

It Takes Time

Be patient. Building a strong brand is a process, like growing a handlebar mustache. You’ll get there, but you’ve got to build credibility, which doesn’t happen overnight.

Public Relations Capabilities

Media Training

Learn more about getting the most from your media opportunities with training from media experts.

Media Relations

We’ve mastered the art and science of storytelling. Combining that with an impressive Rolodex of relationships, we know how to deliver results.

Crisis Communications

Things happen. Learn how our crisis-management services lay the foundation for tackling the unexpected.

Financial PR

Communicate your value proposition and build shareholder value with a broad range of financial communications from Elasticity.