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Social Media

The Rules Have Changed

The rules of social media have changed six times this year, and by the time you read this, they will have changed again. For businesses, the rules get more complex and, ironically, less social.

New Social Media Imperatives

The new social media playbook demands more than Facebook Likes, tweets and viral videos. Companies such as yours—and ours too—need to intimately understand audience members, enabling media-buying strategies that deliver precisely targeted messages that pull on their emotions. We need an understanding of the algorithms to ensure our content reaches them. We need an intuitive “feel” of how search and social are intertwined. And we need to understand that for anything to go viral, we can’t rely on social media alone.

Every Agency Says It “Does” Social Media

Although every agency has “social media” in its services toolbox, not every agency does it right. Using social media effectively is not as easy as posting a Facebook status or tweeting; it’s about knowing the science behind it and understanding how the message gets through. If traditional media is cluttered, then social media is a hoarder’s living room.

Everyone thinks using social media is the Holy Grail to sales, right? It’s not. Social media is not for everybody. For social media to be successful, it can’t happen in a vacuum.

We Know Social Media

We understand the inner-workings of how to engage a targeted audience, and we know how to integrate social media with other channels.

Our experience speaks for itself: We mobilized hundreds of up-and-coming bands to promote Charter Communications; we marshaled a grassroots campaign to march through the streets of Washington, D.C., garnering hundreds of millions of earned media impressions on behalf of H&R Block; and we engaged thousands of consumers in an integrated online/off-line treasure hunt for Funjet Vacations, resulting in tens of thousands of hours of brand engagement and increases in the company’s bottom line. Our work has been recognized by industry pundits, from receiving major digital awards to being featured in Forbes and The New York Times.

Get Started

If your social media campaigns are getting stale, or if you’re not sure they’re delivering more value than those tins of branded Silly Putty you’ve been handing out, drop us a line. But by the time you hit “Send,” the rules will have changed again, and your social media strategy is now about as relevant as the lunchtime blast fax.

Social Media Capabilities

Community Management

Building a social media community is no easy task. It takes an inspired strategy, creativity and a drumbeat of killer content. Learn more.

Influencer Outreach

Beyond traditional media, a new set of online influencers has emerged. Learn more about building connections with the powerful mavens of your industry.

App Development

Unlock your engagement potential with a Facebook app. Learn more.

Social Media Training

Allow us to empower your team to tackle the challenges of social media through training.

Social Media Customer Service

Learn more about building customer loyalty using social media, with a cost-effective social media customer service program.