Social Media Platform Updates: July 2020
Chase Koeneke | Associate Creative Director

Since COVID-19 has taken over 2020, social media technology and platforms have continued to evolve to develop new ways to keep users engaged in a digitally-focused era. As you begin to plan your social media strategies for Q3, here are some of the top highlights to remember.  


Facebook Makes Two Updates: A Subtle Political Statement and Prioritizes Credible News Sources


Facebook has been very vocal these past few months about issues that have been politicized. The latest trend we’ve seen is them expressing opinions on wearing a mask in public. While this may not seem like a big deal, it really is. Here’s why: most social media platforms do not take political stances because their users vary from right-winged people to left. Typically, taking a political stance for such a giant corporation is not something we see often. Facebook has added a new prompt to everyone’s news feed to “wear a cloth face covering to prevent the spread of COVID-19.” This puts the message out to their users to go back to the basics–safety first. 


Speaking of which, Facebook also added an algorithm change to the platform! Their goal is to get as much quality news from journalists and increase transparency. This is a huge, yet subtle, political move because people getting their news from Facebook is on the rise. To sum it up, “we (Facebook) know publishing this important journalism takes time and expertise, and we want to ensure it has a prioritized place on Facebook to incentivize its continued creation.”


Instagram updates its system by adding in Pins 


After downloading the latest version of Instagram, you’ll find some new ways to create positivity from your posts. Starting now, pinning a few (up to three) comments underneath your post (maybe to reiterate your point) is a feature that Instagram offers. The goal of this change is to promote less negativity among the comments section and help you to manage the tone of the conversation. 


To get started pinning comments to your posts, tap on any of your existing posts. Then, go straight to the comments section. Once you’re ready to pin a comment, you just swipe left (just like you would on any dating app) and tap on the thumbtack icon. The three comments you select will “mask” all other comments. You may pin and unpin comments as often or as infrequently as you’d like. It’s important to note, though, that when you pin someone else’s comment, they’ll receive a notification. 


LinkedIn – From New Analytical Tools to Inclusive Programming for Names


This month, LinkedIn has rolled out several new upgrades, and here’s what you need to know. 


  • New analytics tool –  for companies looking for a unique way to engage with new followers, LinkedIn has the answer. With the introduction of the “New” marker in the Analytics tab, social media managers and brand managers will now be able to see (and engage) with new page followers.

    It’s a great way to build awareness and foster relationships with someone who already has an interest in your brand. Who knows, you might find your next client or potential employee with this new feature.
  • Name Pronunciation Program – lost are the days of fumbling over words while trying to sound smart, but ultimately embarrassing ourselves by mispronouncing someone’s name. With the latest addition, LinkedIn gives users the power to add a 10-second audio recording to their profile to help others know how to address them accordingly.

    (Note: Directions on how to add your audio recording can be found HERE).
  • Limitation on Page Invites – back in November 2019 marketers celebrated the return of the ability to reach out to our connections and invite them to follow our business pages. It was a quick and easy way to help build brand awareness and took no time at all.

    Fast forward to 2020 and this simplistic method of marketing is getting a monthly cap. LinkedIn will now provide pages 100 credits per month (previously users had 50 invites per page manager). This will reduce the likelihood of multiple page managers spamming hundreds of users a day.

    The good news is when your new connection accepts the invite you get the credit back to use on another person. 


Now you’re ready to go forth, adjust your strategies, and keep creating effective social campaigns. Remember to check back next month for more updates and highlights.

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