The Creative Culture of Downtown St. Louis And One Groovy Jam
Chase Koeneke | Associate Creative Director

I recently attended a client event – the Downtown STL Annual Event – featuring a keynote by Mike Konzen of PGAV Destinations which has designed a remarkable collection destination experiences for the likes of the Biltmore Companies, National Geographic, SeaWorld, Bass Pro Shops and more.

Konzen’s speech revolved around the vast number of creative firms headquartered in downtown St. Louis’ one-square-mile footprint. The aggregate creative concentration includes firms with an impressive portfolio of work across the U.S. and globally including marketing agencies (ahem), architecture firms, video game developers, artists and more.

In support of Konzen’s keynote, PGAV put together this video with a super groovy jam that highlights some of those companies including Elasticity (I even make a quick appearance despite my belly girth). Enjoy!

Downtown STL Creative Enterprises from PGAV Destinations on Vimeo.

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