Threads by Instagram: How to Develop a Brand Tone and Personality on Threads
Laura Heying | Associate Director of Social Media

Rumors have been simmering for quite some time. It was allegedly coming. And waking up this past Thursday to a slurry of new followers and notifications on Threads—Meta’s new competitor to Twitter—felt reminiscent of 2010, the good old days of Twitter. It’s an exciting moment for brands as Threads presents an opportunity to connect with audiences and showcase brand personality in new ways.

Keep in mind that Threads is not Twitter 2.0. Brands that fail to adapt to its unique idiosyncrasies risk alienating potential customers and damaging their reputation. In fact, the tone on Threads is already dramatically different than Twitter’s has become. Indeed, the word that keeps popping up on our feed to describe Threads is “unhinged.” 

On Twitter, some brands have been mass blocked for not adapting their approach accordingly. It’s essential to understand Threads’ nuances and adjust your approach accordingly because it’s attracting users precisely because it’s not Twitter. 

The platform is still in its infancy but one thing is clear: Users are already adopting a playful and authentic tone. Brands are being silly, sharing memes and engaging in light-hearted conversations with other brands that highlight their personality. They’re tapping into a desired user experience that is less toxic, more open, cooperative, and engaging. See Anthropologie and Free People’s exchange below…

Another way to stand out on Threads is by sharing unique ideas and opinions that aren’t already on Google or other platforms, creating exclusive content only for that platform. This is a great way to establish your brand as a thought leader and connect with audiences who are looking for something new and different.

Threads will be molded by how the community evolves along with alterations from developers. The canvas is currently relatively blank, so as the platform – and your brand – finds its established voice, so will your approach. Lean into the expertise of your Millennial and Gen Z staff to develop a Threads-specific strategy that can adapt to the platform.

Is Threads a short-term entrant into the social media platform spectrum? Perhaps, but more than likely not, it’s probably here to stay. Threads has the potential to become a major player in the landscape. So get ahead of the curve, claim your handle, explore the hype, and have fun.

Laura Heying
Laura Heying is our Associate Director of Social Media and an in-house influencer marketing expert. She began her career in social media and influencer marketing by launching her own award-winning blog, which focused on fashion, design, and local businesses. With experience in public relations, event planning and marketing, content creation, and branding, Laura brings a well-rounded and holistic approach to strategy.
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