#WhyIJoinedElasticity: Alex Guevara’s Journey on Finding Her Ideal Job
Chase Koeneke | Associate Creative Director

Hi! My name is Alexandra Guevara, but you can call me Alex. I’m an international student from Panama City, Panama, who recently graduated from Lindenwood University with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Psychology. 

I have been passionate about marketing since I can remember and I knew that one day I was going to work for a company that showed me the reason why I loved it so much. I was aware that it was not going to be a walk in the park since the competition in the marketing field is very significant. However, this journey was a tad different from what I had imagined when I first got to Missouri. Let me tell you a bit more about how it began.  

It started in March 2020, when my university shut down due to COVID-19. I was two months away from graduating and I had no plan whatsoever. I mean, I had applied for my work authorization and I was an intern in a marketing agency—so I kind of had a plan—but not really. I thought to myself, maybe once my work authorization is approved I would get a job offer for a full-time position at the agency

However, two months went by and nothing had happened with my job offer nor my work authorization. At this point, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do. My country was completely shut down, so I couldn’t go back home, and I couldn’t stay in the United States without my work authorization. Things were pretty much up in the air. 

A couple of weeks later, my work authorization was approved and I got a job offer from the marketing agency I was working for. This was one of the happiest days of my life since that meant I finally had a plan. I could stay here, work for the agency, get some experience and I wouldn’t have to worry about anything else besides COVID. However, that plan didn’t last long since after only a month of working as a full-time employee, my boss decided that having an international student was a liability for her company. I was let go. 

Once again, I had no plan. Even though I had my work authorization, if I couldn’t find a job within a month, I would lose my work authorization and I would be forced to go back to my country (which I couldn’t, since it still was shut down). 




After panicking for a solid week, a close friend of mine told me that she had been working with an AMAZING company that was looking for a Social Media Care Representative and that I should apply. I started researching the company, and I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT. 

This company was Elasticity, as you may have guessed, and I didn’t think twice before sending an email to Ashton Beck to see if they were still looking for someone to fulfill this position. I was low-key (high-key) stressing out since getting this job meant everything to me. Not only would it allow me to stay in the US, but it was THE JOB for me. I mean, social media and customer service combined? I thought yep, this job is for me! 

After just a couple of hours, Ashton got back to me, and we set a time to have my interview. The interview went great (I believed), but I was still doubting if I would get the job. Three days went by, and I thought, welp, I guess I’m going back to Panama. However, that same day I got the email I had been waiting for, subject line: “ Welcome to Elasticity.” I honestly couldn’t believe it, but I had finally found my ideal job. 

Now that I have gone over my very stressful journey, I would like to express why I joined Elasticity. I chose elasticity because they are not what people would call a “conventional advertising agency.” I mean, they have a panda as their mascot. So yeah, that was it for me. But honestly, I knew that I wanted to work for Elasticity because of the uniqueness, the spirit, and everything the agency represents. I had been looking for a company that fits with me since I graduated and I believe I have finally found it. I will continue to choose Elasticity every day because they took a chance and chose me.

Chase Koeneke
Chase is the resident writer at Elasticity, playing with language and polishing messages to a mirror sheen. A graduate of the University of Missouri’s journalism program, he’s well-versed in everything from AP style to social media marketing, always looking at ways to use fewer words to forge deeper connections with consumers and businesses. But putting pen to paper (or fingers to keys, as the case may be) isn’t the whole story. His skill set also includes concepting, strategy, editing and even the occasional directing of video when called upon, and he’s worked with clients as varied as Brown-Forman, the St. Louis Blues and Bass Pro Shops.
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