Better City, Better State, Better Results

Since 2009, Elasticity has called Missouri home. And for much of that decade plus, we’ve been trusted by our home to raise awareness around some of its most important public awareness campaigns.

For years, Elasticity has had the honor of being a communication partner of St. Louis City, St. Louis County and the State of Missouri. Whether it’s helping deliver life-saving vaccine information, educating the public on the dangers of opioids, helping attract new businesses to the region, or singing the praises of those already making a difference, Elasticity has proudly worked alongside our city and state partners to make our home a better place.  

Missouri’s Safety

When the national opioid crisis hit home, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services trusted Elasticity to educate residents on the drug and make them active participants in a solution.

In 2019, Elasticity developed an integrated marketing campaign featuring educational videos, testimonials, influencers and advertising to reduce the stigma and combat misperceptions around opioids. Through a newly launched website, social media, billboards, school media placements, and streaming platforms, Elasticity told Missouri it was Time2Act.

The message was received loud and clear, to the tune of more than 22 million impressions. More than a dozen billboards across Kansas City and Missouri reminded commuters of the campaign, Pandora audio spots drove nearly 1.5 million impressions and Facebook and Instagram creative efforts reached more than 570,000 users.

Three years later, the campaign endures. By prompting our audience to take action and “change the numbers” we were able to make them part of the solution, ensuring a message of awareness and hope was heard where it mattered most.

Missouri’s Health

The COVID pandemic affected every facet of life across the world. But when the long-awaited vaccine became politicized, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services trusted Elasticity to build vaccine confidence as well as dispelling vaccine misinformation to ensure vaccine uptake.

Know that lives depended on this campaign, Elasticity developed a strategy that included a multi-channel, multi-message approach that positioned Missouri doctors as reliable information sources, showed the near future possible with vaccine adoption from residents and communicated information in a clear and direct tone, though one centered around hope and caring for our Missouri communities.

The campaign, Stronger Together, ran across traditional and digital channels throughout Missouri and included videos from multiple epidemiologists and doctors addressing myths and informing residents of the facts (vaccines are safe and effective, free and available to all). 

The media mix delivered on both building awareness and driving engagement with key pieces over digital, social media, outdoor billboards, print and broadcast. These placements included strategic partnerships within publications and programming targeted to populations with lagging vaccination rates or higher rates of concern.

Social media placements drove over 16 million impressions and resulted in over 40,000 clicks to the site – allowing people to learn more about the vaccines and where they could get one. Stronger Together created a powerful base from which Missouorians can continue to access the most up-to-date and effective vaccine information as the state continues on the road to recover from COVID-19.

Missouri’s Families 

For families in need of financial assistance, it’s hard to know where to turn for help. So when the Missouri Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program needed a video series to educate Missouri families of its services, it trusted Elasticity to introduce WIC to those who needed it most. 

Following an in-person immersion session with WIC in Jefferson City, Elasticity drove every aspect of the creative process – writing scripts, finding voice and on-camera talent, filming, audio and editing.

In the end, Elasticity developed four educational videos for families in need   to learn about the various aspects of the WIC program, from nutrition education to breastfeeding support, and to better understand the needs and services of retail and healthcare partners.

Missouri’s Economy

Missouri’s workers are the backbone of its economy. So when the Missouri Department of Economic Development needed help launching its Missouri One Start program for employee recruitment and training, it trusted Elasticity to help introduce the program at the Missouri Governor’s Conference on Economic Development. 

Elasticity didn’t just support the program’s development, it brought it to life. Starting from scratch, Elasticity built the brand from the ground up, including core messaging, brand identity, collateral, website and launch video. 

Elasticity developed a  home for the program on a simple, easy-to-use website at, creating a one-stop-shop  to house messages, news stories, job boards, videos, contact information and more. A presentation deck was developed to help with the introduction at the conference along with key collateral pieces and a suite of advertisements to launch the brand’s marketing to site selectors and industry experts through key trade publications.

So when Governor Mike Parsons introduced ‘Missouri One Start’ to the world, it was Elasticity that helped ensure Missouri businesses had the right workforce, with the right skillset, at the right time.

Missouri’s Entertainment 

Missouri is home to more than 100 wineries. So when the Missouri Wine and Grape Board needed to raise awareness of its wines and wineries amongst millennials, it trusted Elasticity to tell its story in a compelling, authentic and interest-driving way. 

MWGB tasked Elasticity with coming up with a new creative campaign that would serve as its signature message for two to three years. And Elasticity’s team decided to tell Missouri millennials it was “Worth the Work.” The campaign celebrated both the quality of the wine itself as well as the passion and dedication that Missouri winemakers put into growing their grapes and bringing their products to life. The campaign showed the winemaking process from growing and harvesting grapes through barreling and bottling the wine, with beautifully shot photos and videos from Missouri wineries that communicate the locally and carefully grown quality that resonates with their target audience. 

The partnership, which began in 2016, continues today with Elasticity working alongside the MWGB to highlight the beautiful wineries, award-winning wines, and amazing people putting Missouri wines on the map. 

Missouri’s Future

Elasticity is one of many businesses lucky enough to call Missouri home and sings the praises of our hometown every chance we get. So when the Missouri Partnership was looking for a partner to help recruit more businesses to the state, it trusted Elasticity to rebrand and tell its story.

Elasticity already knew what made Missouri great for businesses, so it took that first-hand knowledge and excitement into the project. Elasticity created a modern look and feel that exudes the passion and forward-thinking of the Missouri Partnership team. On a parallel track, the web development team created a fresh, new website that not only had a clean look and excellent user experience but also could be used as an interactive library of resources, data and tools.

The result was a brand that conveys a sense of innovation and stability, as well as the vibrancy and diversity of the state. The website was intuitive to navigate on a content management platform that was easy for the internal team to manage. And the message was loud and clear – Missouri is an incredible place to work. 



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