Rebranding the World’s Largest Domain Seller

Brand Strategy, Social Media, Creative, Community Management

As GoDaddy’s social media agency of record, Elasticity was tasked with helping the world’s largest domain registrar into a self-selecting brand. In addition to developing content that drove authentic customer engagement online, our team was responsible for proactive and reactive brand engagement. We look to identify opportunities where the brand can motivate small business owners and entrepreneurs to take the next step and/or celebrate milestones big and small.

The Situation

You may remember GoDaddy’s old TV commercials–you know, the raunchy ones that teased nudity and prompted viewers to visit GoDaddy’s website to “see more.” But if we’re being honest, did anybody know what GoDaddy actually was? Fortunately, GoDaddy opted to give itself a facelift, and Elasticity was selected as the social media agency of record tasked with rebranding the world’s largest domain seller and web hosting company.

Finding a New Voice

Elasticity’s social media strategists, copywriters, and community managers worked closely with GoDaddy’s corporate team to craft messages that communicated what the brand is at heart: an advocate and resource for the “do-ers” in life. Our mission was to help those doers Make Their Own Way with all the help and tools they needed to succeed online.

Becoming the Relentless Small Business Advocate

As the world’s largest domain seller and web hosting company, GoDaddy is a vital resource for small business owners looking to establish their online presence. With this insight, we took it upon ourselves to make GoDaddy the undisputed small business advocate. From encouraging entrepreneurs to take that next big step to celebrating monumental milestones, we were their biggest online cheerleaders.

Painting a Pretty Picture

In addition to revamped content and communication strategies, we incorporated fresh creative assets on social that matched the new GoDaddy: bright color floods, bold fonts, and clean imagery worked in unison to create a compelling brand image. Due to the success of the refreshed branding work, our team expanded our role, delivering creative to support digital media buying including both brand and performance marketing channels.

Offline, On Brand

Our social team surprised entrepreneurs by mailing out small gifts and hand-written notes. Whether it was coffee, swag, office supplies, or just a note of encouragement, these small acts of kindness had a big impact on brand sentiment, loyalty, and advocacy.

Measuring the Impact

To measure the performance of our work, we leveraged a broad range of tools including real-time dashboards, social media listening tools, ecommerce performance and a customized metric designed to benchmark and measure performance in social media throughout their markets globally.

The Proof Is In the (Digital) Pudding

  • The overall Social Media Score increased by 74%
  • Social media engagement rates increased by 383%
  • Increased the potential impressions in social by 61%
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