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Elasticity is Seeking Senior and Mid-level Media Relations Counselors

Are you a media relations counselor who is tired of an unfulfilling existence at a big agency or lumbering within the narrow confines of corporate...

Reacting to Bad Press: What Business Leaders Can Learn From ​​Johnny Depp’s Cautionary Tale

Millions of celebrity news followers have been glued to the wall-to-wall news coverage and live-streaming of the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial, while much...

Elasticity Introduces New Summer Saturday Policy

In a dramatic shift across the marketing communications and advertising industry, Elasticity today introduced what’s being hailed as a “stunningly generous” new Summer Saturdays initiative...

Elasticity is Hiring A Graphic Designer

Do your friends roll their eyes at you when you call out the names of the fonts on their shirts?  We won’t. We love fonts...

About or With

There’s an understanding amongst professional communicators who have worked in agencies. Most of us believe communications firms are terrible at sharing information with our own...

Elasticity is Hiring: Media Buyer

ISO: Kick Ass Media Buyer Elasticity has an immediate opportunity for a digitally savvy, socially connected media buyer and analyst who knows that today’s approach...

Sizzle Meats Steak: Eximius Productions Teams with Elasticity and Legends to Market The Q Series of BBQ Festivals

St. Louis-based Eximius Productions today announced the selection of Elasticity and Legends Global Technology Solutions to lead marketing strategy and digital advertising for the largest series of barbecue...

Coping with the Impacts of “Poor” Mark Zuckerberg’s Woes On Digital Media Targeting

Poor Mark. Poor, poor Mark Zuckerberg.  He’s been having a number of challenges – some better reported than others. But here’s one you may not...

Elasticity is Hiring a Social Media Manager

Have you finally moved on from basing your social media prowess on your follower count? Have you figured out how to speak about social media...


With a dramatic increase in the firm’s social media strategy, content, community management and influencer marketing business, Elasticity today announced a strategic shift in social...

21 Reflections: My 21 Favorite Elasticity Moments of 2021

It’s been quite a year at Elasticity. We grew by leaps and bounds, wrestled with the aftermath of COVID, continued expanding westward, added new clients,...

Elasticity is HIRING: Marketing Analytics Manager

Are you looking for a progressive, innovative culture with a company that treats its employees like actual human beings? Want to enjoy your day-to-day work,...

GMC’s Words and Imagery Lack Capable Capabilities

“Think premium can’t be capable? Think again!” These are words from a confusing GMC commercial (at least to me) for the brand’s new lineup of...

Better Than Meta

  By now you have no doubt heard the news. Actually, you probably heard the news within minutes or even seconds of its announcement. Facebook...

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