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One Gross Thing About Gerbils

It’s true that gerbils have friendly, trusting and curious personalities that make them fun pets for the whole family, but there’s something else you should...

Longtime Journalist, Engagement Specialist Toler Joins Elasticity

Longtime journalist and engagement specialist Lindsay Toler has joined Elasticity at the company’s St. Louis headquarters. “We’re thrilled to welcome Lindsay to the Elasticity team,”...

Elasticity is HIRING: Director, Media Buying

Are you looking for a progressive, innovative culture with a company that treats its employees like actual human beings? Want to enjoy your day-to-day work,...

Elasticity is HIRING: A Senior Communicator

Tired of a miserable existence at a big agency or the narrow confines of corporate America? Looking for a progressive culture with a company that...

The Data-Centric Approach Behind the Modern Day Pitch Person

What makes a great product pitch man? You know, someone who represents your brand. The young, hip folk call them “influencers” or “brand ambassadors” today....

8 Years of Ashton Beck

Last week, I celebrated the seven-year tenure of Elasticity co-people Emily Ann Brown, and this week, I’m thrilled beyond a high-quality Metallica riff to honor...

EA’s Seven Amazing Years

I am what you would call a veteran at Elasticity — nearly nine years now and in 2022 I will celebrate one decade of Elasticianship....

Addressing Mental Health During This Mental Health Awareness Month

These days it’s hard to keep track of what special month, week or day it is — like Global Pants Day, North American Fried Chicken...

The Fuerza Podcast: Catching up with Gonzalo Amat

Elasticity does a tremendous amount of work in multicultural marketing. One of the ways we do this is through our subsidiary Fuerza, which focuses on Hispanic...

Perlut Retires From Agency To Pursue His Dream Of Becoming A Mime

It’s April Fools’ Day, of course he isn’t. At least not yet anyway. But, while you’re here, check out this book we wrote! Get your...

Painting The Line on DeepFakes

In an age of advancing technology, people are creating deepfake videos to tell virtually any story. No doubt you’ve seen some of these videos where...

The Perfect Recipe / La Mejor Receta

*An English-language translation follows this post below   Todos tenemos una receta para todo. Especialmente recetas de cocina, de platillos especiales y deliciosos. Tenemos la...

Helping People Through Advertising

In college, I majored in journalism before shifting into strategic communication. I remember the disappointment in the voices of my professors, friends at the student...

What’s In a Name, Progressively Speaking, Of Course

*Be certain to read the footnote at the end of this post once complete   “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose...

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