Enterprise Holdings: Analytics

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Enterprise holdings, owner of Enterprise Rent-a-car, Alamo and National brands, was investing heavily in bolstering consumer engagement with their brands with the ultimate aim of driving preference and getting cars off their lots, primarily in social media. But they were unsure which content was effective at driving engagement and didn’t trust the standard, out-of-the-box metrics. They wanted insight into what was working and what wasn’t, and more than anything, a north star of success to guide their content development strategy.

Meanwhile, back at the Nerd Cave…

Our team of data analysts worked closely with the Enterprise brand teams to develop a measurement strategy to take into account the unique brand engagement strategies of each brand. The approach eschewed the heavy handed, blunt approach to engagement championed by the social media platforms, providing insight on true, meaningful engagement with each brand. While complicated on behind the curtain, content performance scores were simplified on a 1-100 scale, providing a simple, accessible number for brand managers to quickly grasp.

Gazing into the Crystal Ball

While understanding historical performance is instructive, it is not enough. Elasticity developed a proprietary model to predict content performance using a rigorous statistical model to fine tune the model as more data was available. In addition, our team leveraged machine learning image recognition from Google’s Vision API to categorize content imagery at scale, using the data to deliver a predictive tool that provided insight into the effectiveness of specific types of imagery.

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