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Crunchy Cookies or Soft Cookies? Why ‘Best Practices’ Don’t Make You the Best

Back in 1977, a 21-year-old woman named Debbi Fields applied for a loan to open up a cookie store in Palo Alto, California. Debbi made...

Should You Care If People Hate Your Brand?

I know what you’re thinking: Um, yes. Obviously you don’t want people to hate your brand. *Insert polite chuckle directed at the 20-year-old copywriting intern*...

Build Your Power Network

*This blog first appeared in NextGen Collective. ——- Power. We all want it, whether we admit it aloud or not. Here’s a secret ????: we...

One Word Can Make or Break Your Brand (Science Says So)

In 1974, researcher Elizabeth Loftus set out to answer an important question for the legal system: Could an eyewitness’ memory be tainted by a lawyer...

Magically Damaging the Los Angeles Lakers Brand

One of the most storied franchises in the National Basketball Association, the Los Angeles Lakers, has had a rough go of it as of late....

Daniela Velázquez Joins Elasticity as Senior Public Relations Strategist

Elasticity today announced that longtime communications strategist and former journalist Daniela Velázquez has joined its team in the company’s St. Louis headquarters. “We’re thrilled to...

Elasticity is Hiring a Social Media Strategist

Have you finally moved on from showing your social media prowess in terms of your follower numbers? Perhaps you’ve figured out how to speak about...

Saved by Death

The marketing industry was recently saved by death. Liquid Death, that is. Wait, what? Let me explain. In recent years, political correctness and self-righteous hipster wokeness...

How to Embarrass Yourself With a Repulsive PR Pitch (Step-by-Step Instructions)

A couple of months ago, I wrote an article urging my PR comrades to treat reporters like human beings. I thought this was a piece...

Allstate: Not In Good Hands When It Comes to Social Media Customer Care

I hate seeing brands fail in the customer service realm. Perhaps this is because I spent 10 years working for energy utilities where there is...

Read This Before You Chug the Long-Form Content Kool-Aid

A few weeks ago, SEO guru/ninja/hacker/expert Brian Dean of Backinko published an admittedly intriguing article: “We Analyzed 912 Million Blog Posts. Here’s What We Learned...

Crisis Management: Another Shoe Drops For Facebook

In April of 2018, after the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica scandal broke, I wrote in AdWeek that “When individual privacy is at stake, something has...

Elasticity Is Hiring: Senior Client Relationship Manager

Elasticity is seeking a detail-oriented public relations professional with strong client relationship management experience and a passion for excellence. The ideal candidate for the role...

Larry’s Baer’s Giant Blunder

On Friday, March 1, San Francisco Giants president and chief executive officer Larry Baer was seen on video courtesy of TMZ having an argument, and...

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