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Marketers Must Regulate Facebook Before It’s Too Late

Facebook is clearly unwilling to take action themselves, so it’s time we step in. This weekend’s New York Times exclusive report on Cambridge Analytica’s access...

Epic Games’ Fortnite is About to Change Console Sales Forever (and how Microsoft can take the lead)

For those not familiar with the video game Fortnite, nor spent a major part of Monday morning waiting for the mobile sign up lottery to...

Foot, Meet Doorway: Elasticity is Searching for Three Summer Interns

Are you passionate about fetching coffee and making copies for hours on end? Well, too bad. We’re not the agency for you. But if you’re...

This Instagram Ad Trick Is Deviously Brilliant, But Is It Legal?

Picture this: you’re viewing today’s Instagram stories when a stray hair lands on your screen. Naturally, you drag your finger across the screen to remove...

The End of Facebook as We Know It? (Maybe not)

In the last week, Facebook shared two major announcements regarding the content users see in their News Feed. Since then, the industry has been in...

Working With An Agency? 10 Points to Consider, A Shit Sandwich Notwithstanding

I have thin skin, which comes as no shock to people who know me well. As a result, every few months I go through a...

Why H&R Block’s Hamm Doesn’t Cut the Mustard

I am a fan of H&R Block. It’s not because of their products, service or technology as I’ve actually never used their tax preparation services. I’m...

Elasticity Launches Multicultural Marketing Practice Led By Award-Winning Industry Veteran Alex Duplan

Integrated communications firm Elasticity (GoElastic.com) — which works with brands and organizations including Fireball Whisky, Cox Communications, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, the State of Missouri, the U.S....

Your Next Big Hire Should Be a Broadcaster

Facebook Live is quickly becoming the mechanism du jour of the social media set. Snapchat is still all the rave. Podcasting’s second surge seems to...

No Room For Aged News In Journalism Today

My favorite report ever on “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” was a story by Jason Jones about the New York Times in which he asks executive...

The 2016 Marketing Pricing Guide

Editor’s Note: This is a revised version of Jason’s 2015 Marketing Pricing Guide originally published on his website. A small business owner I spoke with...

Seven Years, Seven Lessons

Seven years ago this week, along with colleagues Dan Callahan and Brian Cross, I gambled on my family’s livelihood and left a stable position at FleishmanHillard...

The Difference Between Surveys and Research

We’re knee deep in a fairly significant research project for our client, Red e App. It’s an internal communications platform that serves enterprise companies that...

Grammar: The difference between knowing your sh*t and knowing you’re sh*t

  OK, if this topic makes you want to run for the hills and forget everything your English teacher once taught you, I get it....

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