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Your Brand’s Survival Guide for IGTV (That New Icon on Your Instagram Feed)

If you’re not a social media junkie like some of the folks around our office (cough, cough: Jamie, EK, Ashton), you might have some questions...

There’s Another World Cup Going On Right Now, and the Prize is Your Attention

We’ve reached the heart of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and it’s safe to say nobody saw what was coming: Mexico beat Germany, Iceland took...

The Creative Culture of Downtown St. Louis And One Groovy Jam

I recently attended a client event – the Downtown STL Annual Event – featuring a keynote by Mike Konzen of PGAV Destinations which has designed...

Brand ROI: “Cool” Ideas Aren’t Enough When It Comes to Marketing Today

In 2009, before Justin Bieber had been engineered in an Eastern European laboratory, Volkswagen teamed up with creative agency DDB to roll out “The Fun...

Paintin’ by Numbers: Stretching Creative Juices with Fireball Whisky

We all know the importance of social media (at least we think it matters). Social drives ROI — the data backs it up, if you...

Three Immutable Branding Lessons That “Seinfeld” Taught Us

In 1988, two burgeoning comedians named Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David teased the idea for a TV show based on nothing except their observations of...

Cinco de Do’s and Don’ts for Brands – As Told by a Mexican Marketer

Ah, Cinco de Mayo: margaritas, tacos, inebriated men and women mumbling the lyrics to “Despacito,” and a lot of half-hearted attempts by brands trying to...

What Tylenol Can Teach Us About Facebook

Tylenol has long-been one of the ubiquitous, great America brands, but in 1982, the pain reliever’s future was in question. For those too young to...

In Defense of (Responsible) Online Data Use

In light of Mark Zuckerberg’s recent testimony on Capitol Hill, we are forced to address the question everybody wants answered: how much data access is...

Branding Lessons Play out Live with the St. Louis Cardinals

How does Brand Loyalty and Brand Fanaticism Play Out on the Bottom Line? I love baseball.  My family loves baseball.  We watch it together, go...

While The Iron Is Hot: Loyola Chicago Should Leverage the “Flutie Effect”

Each year millions upon millions obsess over, and bear witness to, March Madness. Nearly 70 Division I teams fighting for the title of NCAA National...

Humanizing Social Media Community Management

Most brands today understand the importance of how social media and customer service play an increasingly integrated and integral role in the health of their...

#DeleteFacebook: What Brands Should Know about the Movement

Following last Sunday’s NYTimes report on Cambridge Analytica’s misuse of Facebook user data, many industry publications have been encouraging and providing detailed steps on how...

Marketers Must Regulate Facebook Before It’s Too Late

Facebook is clearly unwilling to take action themselves, so it’s time we step in. This weekend’s New York Times exclusive report on Cambridge Analytica’s access...

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